I Will Not Drown in a Sea of Parenting Blogs

Well, yesterday was the day. If I’m joining the ranks of the mommy-bloggers, I figured I had to see what else was out there. Here are some things I learned while swimming in the sea of parenting social media.

Lesson #1: We are all crazy

There are opinions, and then there are mommy blog opinions. The latter is an opinion to the power of crazy. We may think we’re being reasonable, but we rarely are. I think this increases each trimester and then continues the trajectory when the kid pops out.

Lesson #2: I do not enjoy sincerity

If you’re looking for someone who will talk about the beauty and love and tiny toes of parenting, you’re in the wrong place. Those emotions are for me to share with my baby and (maybe) my hubs. Okay, that’s not a promise.

Lesson #3: I am a social media nerd

I knew this already, but the very fact that I’m barely in my second month and I’ve already got a blog, Twitter, and Tumblr seems not exactly normal.

Lesson #4: There are a lot of crappy blogs out there

This includes, but is not limited to, mommy blogs. Hopefully, this is not one of the crappy ones.

Lesson #5: There are three types of blogs

Informative (recipes, games for your kids, what to expect when you’re expecting-type stuff), parenting-as-miracle (see Lesson #2), and personal, science experiment-y, commiseration blogs (this is what I’m feeling… don’t you feel this way, too?). Right now, I’m living in commiseration land, but I’d love to some day have something useful to say. We shall see.


3 Comments on “I Will Not Drown in a Sea of Parenting Blogs”

  1. Lots of lessons for one day. So, now what?

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