I Will Never Stop Being Grateful For My Parents

264830_565254129570_1990144_nI had dinner at my parents’ house last night. After my mom retired last year, they moved to Nashville to be closer to the child who’s having the kid first (beat you, bro). My husband’s mother is also currently mulling the same move (FL to TN). Fingers crossed on that one.

My parents are still alive and still together… and I actually LIKE being around them. I know that makes me a lucky bastard, and I want to ink it into the Momifesta so I never forget that fact. Not only do I have great examples to follow on the parenting side (and the ability to mine them for advice), my kid is going to grow up with two wonderful grandmothers and an amazing grandfather and I’m not going to be annoyed every time Ziggy decides he/she wants to visit… what did we decide Zig would call them again? (This has been an issue – my mom hates all the grandma names. We keep landing on one and then forgetting it, or she decides she hates it.)

My husband isn’t as lucky as I am. Though he still has his (awesome) mom, he lost his father 15 years ago, so my kid will miss out on having two amazing grandfathers. Life does suck, in some respects.

Back to last night. I stuffed my face, as I always do when my mom cooks, and now I have cookies to spare. This woman is ridiculous in the kitchen. The hubs and I spent the evening over there, talking about politics, religion, and (mostly) babies, babies, babies. Specifically, the one growing inside of me. My mom gave me some maternity workout clothes (my first baby mamma gift), and she’s already mulling where the port-a-crib and changing table will go. My dad thinks the dining room table will do just fine (“We rarely use it!”)Steinway

They’re incredible parents. They’re going to be incredible grandparents. And even though it’s awesome that we have built-in baby sitters, I’m excited about so much more than that. I see how happy my DOG makes them, it’s going to be crazy to watch them interact with an actual PERSON that I MADE.

Hey, mom, look what I made.

Dammit. I went and got all sappy. Sorry, it will almost definitely happen again.


One Comment on “I Will Never Stop Being Grateful For My Parents”

  1. bev says:

    We are the lucky ones–to have such great kids–we just watched you two grow into amazing adults!

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