I Will Adjust to Not Sleeping

Ah… so THAT’s how it works. You don’t sleep when you’re pregnant, and by the time the baby WAKE UPcomes, you’re used to it. No? Maybe?

I have been a lucky lady in the sleep department for pretty much my entire life. I settle in with a book and read without my glasses on so my eyes get tired. When the eyes start to droop, the light goes out and I’m not conscious again until morning.

A week or so ago, I started getting up in the middle of the night to pee. No biggie – I was able to go right back to sleep.

Last night, not so much. Woke up around 3, peed, and then tossed/turned/cursed my husband’s snoring until my alarm went off.

But despite the horrible night, I feel okay. I might tell a different story this afternoon, but I’m thinking this could be a good thing. Maybe these sleepless nights are training wheels for the Baby Kahuna – the year (or two… three?) when we’ll be waking up every hour (half hour… 15 minutes?) to feed/change/love on our baby. If I can get myself used to a bit less sleep now, maybe it won’t be such a shock later.

I’m probably dreaming (perhaps literally), but right now, I’m putting a good face on sleepless nights. A little self-high-five for the pre-baby prep. I’m sure in a few months, I will look back on this and laugh maniacally at myself (while listing slightly to the right and hallucinating a bowl of pink bubbles). After all, I had all of that sleep BEFORE 3am.

Speaking of sleep, if you haven’t seen this, here you go:


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