I Will Begin to Think About the Enormity of Having a Child

I got a really thoughtful gift from my colleague over the weekend (who also happens to be an awesome mom): Baby 411. Or, as I like to baby-411-clear-answers-smart-advice-for-your-denise-fields-paperback-cover-artthink of it, The Encyclopedia of Baby.

It is very thick.

I can make lists and laugh about how much stuff I’m trying to cram into 2013, but getting into the details, the down-and-dirty of what it all entails can sink me quickly into a huge freak-out.

And I think that’s good. I should be freaking out. A little bit, at least. You know, if I want my kid to have clothes and food and happiness. Which I do.

My body is still acting pretty normal, though I had a nosebleed yesterday and a quite unpleasant bathroom experience this morning. I hear constipation is a thing when you’re pregnant. I may have seen the tip of that iceberg. *shudder*

I really like the book so far. And since I’m the type to read a magazine cover to cover (read: anal), I will most likely be reading this straight through. I love that it’s written by women and based on the science of things. I’m a rationalist, so I need evidence, research, etc. to help me weigh the pros/cons of things. I think this book is exactly what I need.

In other news, according to last week’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, there’s a study that shows women are more fertile when their parents live nearby. So, thanks for moving to Nashville, m&d!


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