I Will Not Let Google Control Me

My husband and I got into an argument on Saturday. I expressed my desire to have a Coke cokezeroZero. This is the only thing he drinks and I was right there with him until I started trying to get pregnant. That, the myth/truth about chemicals, the myth/truth about diet drinks making it harder to lose weight, and, yes, the judgey looks people gave when I drank it had me down to three cans a day. When I realized Zig was in the house, I cut it out completely.

So, yes, I had a Zero problem. And I kicked it. It was easier than quitting smoking (2 + years ago, and that actually wasn’t that hard for me, either. I know – you want to punch me). But every now and then, just like my nightly glass of wine, I miss it. I like to say it out loud because I like to whine about things.

Hubs thought I should go ahead and have it. I knew that a little bit of caffeine was okay, but it was the artificial sweetener stuff I was worried about. So I Googled.

Google is scary

I decided not to have it.

He thought I was ridiculous, but it’s not killing me, so why risk it? I decided to take a sip of his Zero and… it wasn’t that good. We kept arguing for another 30 minutes, just for fun.

I should be making sacrifices for Ziggy. But I do also think he’s right – there’s a line. I’m not going to sit in a cage and eat lettuce. I’m still going to eat Lean Cuisines occasionally and snack on fake sugary desserts a lot, because after years of struggling with my weight, that’s what I’ve taught myself to like. I can stand up to Google.

Today, I found a great blog to help me through it: Pregnant Chicken. She’s not a doctor, but she’s compiled a list of stuff moms-to-be might be concerned about doing/eating/drinking while they’re pregnant. I’ve still got tabs and tabs of her posts on my browser to wade through, but I really love what I’ve read so far. The basic message: everything will be okay.

It makes so much sense that there are multitudes of Mommy blogs out there and that so manywarm fuzzies of them are so popular. We just want to know we’re not alone. The personal is the universal, especially when you’re all going through something very similar. It’s kind of a great community to be dipping my toe into. So many virtual shoulders to cry on!

*If anyone has any mommy blog recommendations, I’d love to check them out. Lay them on me!


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