I Will Definitely Get Ahead of Myself

I’m a planner. I don’t know that I’ve ever willingly tried winging it in my entire life. I get sweaty and nauseous when I’m unprepared. I was made for the internet age, because speaking on the phone makes me itchy. WHAT WILL THEY SAY? HOW WILL I RESPOND? HOW DO I GET OFF OF THIS THING?

this is how old i am

I know, I know… this is not going to work when I’m a mom. I’m going to have to let up, go easy, be breezy. The weird thing is, I’m kind of excited for that. I’m curious to see how I’ll be forced to change. I’ve already had the primer. I’ve been accommodating my now-husband for around 13 years – I’m ready for the big Zig.

Of course, planning is in my nature, and I seem to be coming across a lot more information about parenting than about pregnancy. Probably because there’s not much to the stage of things. Just listen to your body and watch it explode. Parenting is more complicated, because there’s a walking, talking human involved (eventually).

So, I’ve already begun thinking about how we’ll parent, what will be important to us, etc. I wascheck sent this article about what we can all learn from “lazy” French mothers. It’s about not piling on the activities for your kid and letting them have some down-time. I can definitely see the benefits of that, as a semi-jack-of-some-trades/master-of-none kid.

Husband agrees, so… CHECK. That one goes down in the parent bible.

Both the hubs and I also want to teach our kid a foreign language. Since we both have a bit of a background in Spanish, we were going to go that route, but neither of us can really SPEAK it. Mandarin would be another option, because 1. China is going to be our boss soon, and 2. my brother is marrying someone from Hong Kong. Anyway, I came across a rec from Cool Mom Tech for the “When I Grow Up” app. Looks like it might be worth a shot.

I realize I’m around two years out from being able to use this app, but my memory is horrible + the whole planning thing. I also really like lists. I know that makes me lame, and I do not currently care.

Anyway, I don’t see a problem with thinking about this stuff now (along with all the pregnancy decisions – cord blood banking, circumcision if it’s a boy, pediatrician, to doula or not to doula… I have two friends who ARE doulas and I still have no idea what they do, lamaze class – is it still a thing?). The point is, I LIKE thinking about this stuff. Only every now and then do I step back from the details and consider the enormity of the big picture. I realized I said I would start thinking about that more, but it’s SCARY! Details are comforting and exciting. As long as I’m willing to fit them to Ziggy once he/she arrives, I don’t see any harm in it.


2 Comments on “I Will Definitely Get Ahead of Myself”

  1. GrandNosey says:

    All this simply reminds me that you are, and will be a great Mom. And remember, the twins aren’t the only one’s who need some downtime.

    Crap, I’m already trying to act like a wise old grandpappy, full of bromides and profound, Duh’s.. And you’re not even in your second trimester yet.

  2. GrandNosey says:

    btw, Please send me the link to Dadifesta so that I can make the same comment about hubs.

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