I Will Try Not to Terrify My Husband

This isn’t about mood swings, though my husband has looked at me incredulously after I’ve said something unreasonable and I have yelled out “I’m pregnant!” Oh, what a glorious excuse for being douchey.

The truth is, I haven’t really had a tough go of it so far in my first trimester. I’m in my 10th week and feel a bit like a rock is sitting inside of my belly, but otherwise, I’m pretty good. Except for the constipation. That one sucks. But it (obviously) could be much, much worse.

This post is about what we will feed our child once he/she starts on solid foods. The breastfeeding stage is easy – I just have to worry about what I eat – but in time, I’ll have to worry about two mouths.

The way I’ve ultimately decided to deal with my lifelong weight issues is 1. by trying to eat healthyhealthy and boring as much as I can without stressing out too much about it, and 2. running. Diets make me crazy and fuel up my obsessive side, so it’s better for me to just do my best with baked chips, salads, and chicken/lean turkey. That is how I eat about half of the time. The other half is full of nachos, beef, and wonderfully saturated fats.

My husband has been trying to do this, too. He switched to Coke Zero from regular coke a while ago, and has tried to cut down on sugars, calories, etc. He wants to be around for our kid as long as he can. But he likes beer. He loves fast food. He loves steak and fried chicken and Doritos. And he alternates between feeling guilty and feeling defensive about these eating habits. Now, he’s worried that our child will never know the joy of the Happy Meal.

Despite my forays into horrible foods, I did manage to cut out fast food about a year ago. It seemed like an easy way to focus in on what I really wanted to use those calories for – something that doesn’t sometimes taste like chemicals and has a much better chance of not being horse meat. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some McDonald’s french fries and a nice Quarter Pounder, it was just a relatively easy thing for me to cut out. See also: that disgusted look on people’s faces when you mention fast food.

judgey mcjudge

I do think there’s something to be said for shaming people into health. It might be the only way to help this country curb its obesity problem. Guilt and shame for change! Without judgement, racists would feel a lot more comfortable speaking their minds these days.

That judgement makes part of my husband want to eat more fast food, and makes the other part eat it in the car before arriving somewhere. While I try not to make him feel bad for doing something he likes, he tries not to make me feel bad for making him feel bad… or something. It’s a precarious balance, but we’ve been able to keep it together for the most part.

i think these are turnips

Now (sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to the point), we’re going to have to find a new balance with Zig. I know there are billions of opinions out there about this, but I do want my kid to be able to be a kid. I want my kid to be a happy kid. But I’d like to avoid, if at all possible, my kid being a fat kid. I was a fat kid. It’s no fun.

Until Ziggy can make his/her own decisions, it’s up to the husband and me to make sure he/she is healthy and happy. I’m sure there are some good books out there about this. How to balance your kid’s diet without projecting your own issues onto the kid… how to do anything without projecting your own issues onto the kid… Wow, this parenting thing is hard.

And I haven’t started yet.


3 Comments on “I Will Try Not to Terrify My Husband”

  1. bev says:

    You were not a fat child. You went through a period from 5th grade to 9th grade where you were chubby. You were underweight for most of your childhood! You never tripled your birth weight until you were around 5.

  2. aelend says:

    … and all of those kids who made fun of me were just jealous. Right, mom? 🙂

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