I Will Resist the Overshare

My husband and I are very open people. We don’t like keeping secrets, and we’ll pretty much tell everyone almost anything about ourselves. Much more than they ever wanted to know. This applies to human and internet interactions.

And then I got pregnant…

it's a baby!

Hubs was all for telling everyone immediately. And we knew EARLY. We had spent so long wanting to start trying that when we finally could, we used one of those early pregnancy tests. I knew 6 days before I missed my period. Of course, I didn’t quite believe it then, but the lines were there.

So, he wanted to jump onto Facebook and publicize the impending bump, but I stopped him. I just don’t want the sympathy if something goes wrong. That just makes things worse for me.

I know I’m on the side of the majority, but unlike with most arguments, that failed to sway him. He looked up the statistics for miscarriage and pointed out the 15% chance (for me) in the first trimester. “That’s nothing!” he said.

Of course, he gave me the final say. Though he still complains about it, we’re keeping our keyboards shut on this one for another few weeks. (I’m 10 weeks today, btw…)this is not me

And after that? I’ll Facebook it. But I will not subject people to pictures of my belly. I know lots of people do it, but the whole thing is just weird to me.

And after that… I’ll try not to post too many pictures of my adorable (as I will think, but others may not) child. I’ve learned to resist sharing too many photos of my dog (though I’ve got a criminal amount stored in my phone), so that’s been good practice.

There I go again. When my friend had her kid, I couldn’t stop myself from relating her situations to mine with my dog. I knew it was ridiculous, but I couldn’t stop myself.

Anyway, I will try to resist the gratuitous overshare from here on out. No baby poop pics, no photos of my child’s vomit… unless it’s blue, because that will be terrifying and also kind of awesome… I will try to keep things interesting and not get annoying.

Operative word here: TRY



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