I Will Try to Remember Some of the Advice That I Get

I have a horrible memory. It’s really ridiculous. I take notes on everything so that my poor brain doesn’t have to do its “what did he say about who?” dance.

The internet is perfect for this. Just bookmark the link and you’re good. Of course, with parenting advice, I think I would somehow overload Chrome and bust my computer.

That’s why we all like lists so much, I guess, or why I do. There was a nice little piece on Parenting.com today that gathered some parenting intel in one place, so I thought I’d share. I think there’s some good stuff here (they did use a quote from Tori Spelling, but they also got some good reader comments and MObama, so it all evens out).

Here are some of my favorites:

Children don’t understand time, but they do understand sleep. So if my kids were going to see Grandma in two days, I would tell them we’ll be visiting her in two sleeps. They understood that they needed to go to bed to make it happen. —Molly H., via Facebook

When your baby gets up in the middle of the night, go pee before you pick him up. He will be OK for another minute, and you’ll sit comfortably through the feeding. —Abby R., via Facebook

My dad always described outings as “adventures,” even if we were going to the grocery store. I find myself doing it with my own son, and it makes life so much more exciting. —Joanna Goddard, blogger, A Cup of Jo

Always pack a shirt for yourself in the diaper bag. Always. —Kayliegh M., via Facebook

Check it out here.


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