I Will Be Both Remote and Productive, Marissa Mayer

Please excuse a bit of a tangent here, but everyone’s talking about Marissa Mayer’s decision to call all Yahoo employees back into the office, and I couldn’t resist. No more working from home, you either Yahoo or you’re out. (Also, apparently ‘Yahoo’ means anything now.)


The decision prompted massive outcry from the PJ working set, and not just because they would have to take showers every day. The Big Deal is that moms who worked from home are suddenly expected to become office-going, spit-up-free hairstyled working moms.

[Full disclosure: I work from home and it’s glorious. I’m looking forward to being available for my kid between phone calls and deadlines. I know it’s going to be a balance, a struggle, but I’m pretty sure it will still beat going to an office every day. I feel for these women who were in my position and now have to put on pants. Yes. It’s okay to hate me.]

If the CEO of Yahoo had been a man and not a woman who just had a kid, I wonder if moms who work from home would have been so vocal. I hope so, but I’m not sure. In this case, though, Marissa Mayer is a new mother who, reportedly, had a nursery built at her office. Yahoo.

So, in addition to the comfy living room carpet being pulled out from under them, Momhoos are being confronted with a woman who is having her cake and eating it, too. All of this while telling them to stop eating their less expensive cake and start driving to work everyday.homer_workingfromhome

From what businessy people say, this is probably a smart move for the company, which is large, bloated, and tired (like me). But if Marissa Mayer had the forethought to build a nursery in her office, why didn’t she build one for the whole Yahoo? She could have sent a letter that said – hey, you need to come in to work, but you can bring your kid just like I do. Don’t they always tell people who run things never to ask their minions to do something they wouldn’t do? On this, MM has definitely failed.

Anyway, my two home-spun cents. I’m going to go back to working with my dog next to me. Yahoo.


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