What I Have Learned So Far #1

I’m 11 weeks today, and while that’s not exactly a milestone, I realized that I’ve already learned some stuff. Tomorrow is my first appointment with the midwives and I assume that will be a big info dump, but today, I’m thinking about what I’ve learned on my own, in real life and virtual.

1. The “I’m pregnant” reaction usually comes with squeals

No matter who someone is to you, if you tell them you’re pregnant, they will be truly, sincerely happy for you. There are also usually hugs and questions about how you’re feeling. As someone who doesn’t love the spotlight, I don’t usually go for this, but sometimes a wide grin and a high-pitched shriek makes the bloating worth it. It’s like I just won an award or published a book, but there’s no hint of that “I could have done that” resentment.

2. “Best ever” blog posts are designed to pull in readers

… and they’re not all that helpful. I feel cheap after I click on a post to read “the best parenting advice” or “how to make sure your child is a perfect angel 24/7.” Unless the tongue is fully inside of the cheek, I don’t need to read these things.

3. It’s okay that I’m already showing

It took a few weeks before I decided that the bulge in my stomach was NOT just a brownie bump. There’s a Ziggy in there. The thing is, the more I show, the more I eat. My weird brain has given myself permission to splurge. And it’s not usually on the good stuff. I still haven’t gotten my taste back for salads, though I did force one last night after reading this study that showed pregnant women who eat greens tend to have not-as-picky eaters.

4. Arguing is hard when you’re pregnant

It’s tricky to decipher what I’m saying vs. what Ziggy is saying, and this makes arguments at home extra-special fun. Neither of us is sure if it’s something real that we’re fighting about or if we’re just going around in estrogen-fueled circles. The husband doesn’t know whether to fight back or let me have it, and if it’s the latter, how does he approach it?

Both of us are rational and logical, so hubs feels like I’ve gone off the reservation. What makes it harder is that I’m suddenly willing to blame things on my pregnancy, something I’ve always tried not to do with my period. But hey, I’m creating a PERSON here!

5. Tired. I will not stop being tired.


6. I finally know what “sawing logs” means

Speaking of sleep, my husband has suddenly started snoring like a phone vibrating on a table. It’s SO LOUD. I thought I was the one who was supposed to snore. But it’s okay, because even though [number 5], Ziggy’s not letting me sleep as much as I used to. As I’ve said before, I believe he/she is preparing me for the worst, which I know is yet to come.

7. The nesting thing is a real thing

I’ve started making cookies. A lot. This could also be a part of my willingness to eat. I just discovered these “healthy” banana chocolate PB cookies that make me feel like I’m drowning in chocolate. I will be making another batch today.

8. I smell different

Namely, my sweat is… sweatier, somehow. Running clothes aren’t lasting as long as they once did. In other words, I’m gross.

9. I am very lucky so far

I have yet to throw up and the nausea is very limited. From what I’ve read, this makes me very lucky. People hate me, and I don’t care. I just hope this doesn’t mean something’s going to bite me later on. (always the optimist)

10. I’m excited, terrified, and curious

I simultaneously cannot wait until September and know that I will be terrified when we get there. I haven’t counted weeks this faithfully since springtime during high school. I look forward to every Wednesday, because it’s another week closer to Ziggy. Quite a pleasant way to mark the passage of time.

But also: I have to push THAT out of THERE? And then I’m responsible for an entire PERSON?

And: I can’t wait to meet that person!

Will it be a girl or a boy? Will it have my nose? What will it be like to hold it?

I really have to pee.


Obviously, I still have a terrifying amount of things to learn, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. It’ll be fun to learn some of this from a little human that I created, though.

[Quick house update: we had our offer accepted on a great 1920s bungalow in East Nashville. The timing is perfect, so let’s hope we make it to closing! Here’s our maybe-house…]

our maybe-house


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