The Gender Question

My husband and I were COMPLETELY decided – we were going to find out the sex of the baby. Why wait? Ignorance is never bliss.

And then I started talking to people. Friends, mothers, cousins, and I kept hearing ‘wait’ or ‘we waited’ or ‘if you can wait, do it.’

I’m starting to see their point. My husband isn’t.

There seem to be a few reasons why people fall on the ‘wait’ side:

  • the excitement in the delivery room (“It’s a ____!” not so exciting if you’ve been there, done that)
  • the surprise
  • the motivation/distraction during delivery
  • the lack of prejudgement/expectations that gender can bring (this one hits my feminist heart right in the plumbing)
  • the baby comes out as a whole new person that you get to meet
  • you get fewer baby clothes and more from your registry
  • I’ve heard tell of a ‘second wave’ of presents after the baby is born (have I mentioned how cheap I am?)

And for not waiting:

  • you still get the surprise, it’s just earlier
  • you can plan
  • you have more of a bond with the kid pre-birth (not sure I buy this one – it’s GROWING INSIDE OF ME, I’m going to bond with it)
  • more baby clothes
  • knowledge is power
  • Anticlimactic birth (this is a plus in my book – I hate attention, so if people get bored with my pregnancy early, it’s a bonus)
  • my husband wants to

We’ve still got time to decide. Rex or any people who stumble on this post, I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have. Right now, hubs is feeling like I ‘win’ on everything, and I’d like that not to be the case. I’m trying to give him this one, but the more I hear, the more I’m leaning toward wanting to wait.

Maybe we’ll just flip a coin…


One Comment on “The Gender Question”

  1. Nosey says:

    Let him go for the ultrasound by himself. He’ll know, you won’t. Win-win for everybody.

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