Crazy Dream #2


Not sure how I crammed this one in amidst all of the tossing and turning last night, but cram I did.

I was alone in my company’s office on Canal Street in New York. I decided to leave the place and walk, really get to know the city. I lived there for three years and still have no idea which way to walk when I exit the subway.

I was walking to 32nd street, somewhere on the east side, going to my dentist’s office. I had an appointment about five hours later, but I thought it would be a good excuse to get some exercise. I started running.

With some heavy Google Maps use, I found my way there and walked into the office. There were tons of people and the bright idea that came to me (I can just ask if there are any appointments available now) seemed like it wasn’t going to work out. I walked up to the desk and one of the women who worked there (they were all women) started talking to me about living with just a half bath. I’m not sure if she was living inside of the bathroom or if she just didn’t have a bathtub… or shower… I forget what half bath means.

I pretended to know what she was talking about, so she started talking about all the drugs she was doing and how she had decided to do exactly what I did – walk to the dentist’s office. I believe part of her plan was to shower there.

She pointed to her friend, who wore a black sheet that framed her featureless face.

Finally, I was free of the crazy woman and was able to ask the appointments lady if they could fit me in. Around this time, I started panicking – I hadn’t locked the office before I left. I was going to be in big trouble.

I stayed for a few moments, and they called someone’s name who wasn’t there. The dentist looked over to his left, then called my name. I waved, but he was still sort of speaking to the entire room when he said:

“Okay, no live birth here. No live baby here. Let’s get you in. We’ll give her a pinprick and take some blood. She knows she’s high-risk, right?”

I walked over, ready to say I had to go back to the office. But now I was curious. How did he get my chart so quickly? Who was the naked woman in the hallway? No LIVE BIRTH?!

And then I woke up.


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