I Will Use My Google Powers for Good

A few days ago, I had a weird ache in my stomach. I was outside waiting for my dog to poop and suddenly I felt like something was shifting inside of there.

I’m only 12 weeks, so it wasn’t Ziggy. From what the internet tells me, Zig is the size of a lime right now, and limes don’t make waves when they move.

So, I convinced myself that I’d miscarried, even though I have none of the signs. My little belly bump seemed more like fat than baby. I took to the internets and read about the joys of “missed miscarriages.” Of course there would be something horrible that exists with NO SYMPTOMS. How are any pregnant women NOT paranoid 24/7? I just spent a few minutes looking for a good link for a missed miscarriage definition and now I’m worried all over again. But like everything Google, change your search terms, you change your info. Today, I searched:

safety in numbersAs many women as I had found talking about that heartbeat that wasn’t there anymore, I found more talking about how worried they were that it wasn’t there – women whose fetusii were fine. (Yes, that is what I’ve decided the plural of fetus should be.)

While the internet isn’t always your friend when it comes to medical issues, it’s nice to see so many people worried about what I’m worried about. And when there ARE so many people, it makes sense that it would feel like EVERYONE is having a miscarriage or EVERYONE had a natural childbirth or EVERYONE thinks that babies are aliens, if that’s what I’m searching for.

I’m really glad that there’s so much information out there, I just need to remember to take it for what it is. The www seems like such a vast sampling of society, but when you narrow it down through search, you’re narrowing that sample. If you set out looking for something, you’re going to find it.  Killer cats, yellow fingernails, the mystery of exploding pig poop, and pregnant + terrified, it’s all out there, waiting for us. It’s up to us to decide whether to use our Google powers for good or for evil.

UPDATE: I just used it for evil. Here’s a quote from a parenting.com article about second tri symptoms:

As your baby becomes more of a reality, your dreams might become more startling. Giving birth to some kind of supernatural Rosemary’s Baby is a common theme in expectant moms’ dreams during the second trimester. So don’t freak out if you wake up in a cold sweat — it’s normal to feel a little anxious.

So there’s THAT to look forward to…


One Comment on “I Will Use My Google Powers for Good”

  1. bev says:

    Relax and enjoy the second trimester!

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