I Will Never “Date” My Child

My husband and I are working towards closing on a house, but last weekend we decided to go to an open house in the same neighborhood for fun or torture or curiosity or something. Whatever, it was easy, close, and it afforded us another opportunity to do a drive-by of our hopefully house-to-be, so we did it.

It was a very cool house that had been completely redone. Just over our price range, but we probably could have made an offer if we didn’t have a great house already. The kitchen was awesome, the ceilings were high, the backyard was fenced, but upstairs, I encountered the reason for this post – the sellers’ little girl’s room. It was pink and rosy (fine, whatever), and had this painted on the wall:


Both the husband and I made Beaker-deep frowny faces when we saw that. Society has decided that it’s normal for a parent to marry their kid or go to dances with their 12 year old, but it’s not.

Sure, parents can be models for what a son or daughter looks for in a mate – that probably means they’re pretty cool parents, but daddy-daughter ‘dates’ and language like the creepy room in that house… it’s just shudder-worthy.

I know you can’t control how your kids think of you. I’m sure every kid has to get to that stage where they realize there are different kinds of love. But I don’t see a reason to confuse them about this from the start. I’m going to love your face off, Zig, but – sorry – I will never be IN love with you.


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