I Will Try to Be Patient

Today is my 13th week. Since trimester has the prefix ‘tri-‘ I figured that put me into my second trimester.

I was wrong.

Well, sort of. Apparently, if you do the math (which I rarely do), a 40 week pregnancy divided by three is 13.3, so each trimester is 13.3 weeks. That technically puts me a few days away, but most people seem to call the beginning of your 14th week the official start of the second trimester. Sorry – second tri.3mester.

waiting is the hardest partWhy does this matter so much? Because I am counting these weeks. Every Wednesday, I’m another step closer to the day that will clearly mark ‘before’ and ‘after’, a day that will change the way I live my life, will change my perspective, will (I’ve heard) be the happiest day I will ever have, until the next child comes or the first kid walks or poops in the toilet or something. That day feels so far away, and I can’t do anything about it other than try to eat relatively healthy, keep myself happy, comfortable, and fit, and try not to freak out. I want to DO something.

Apparently, in my brain, making it to the second tri.3mester is doing something. It’s not. It’s just another week. But I don’t know, maybe in those 13.3 weeks, I’ll finally start to feel pregnant. When I’m large and sweating in Florida at the end of my second tri.3, I’m not going to feel this way.

So, I will make every effort to be happy that I’ve had no morning sickness, that I’m feeling relatively little pain. Enjoy this, lady, or third tri.3mester Amanda is going to come back here and punch you in the face.


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