I Will Set Up a Registry

I’m in that ‘I’m not fat, I’m pregnant’ stage. Beginning of the second tri-, ready to start feeling some movement in there, and honestly, just bored.

Makes it hard to keep a blog going.

Starting to think about what to put on my registry and it makes me want to throw up. I’m WORKING on a web show ABOUT this stuff and I still have no idea where to start. Whenever I see how many choices I have, I think about this Ted Talk on “The Paradox of Choice.” Basically, Barry Schwartz argues that the more options we have, the more miserable we are. I would say there’s something to that theory.

This is pretty much a solo operation. Not that that the husband isn’t (begrudgingly, curmudgeonly) willing, it’s just that I’m picky and research-driven and annoying. I like to know that what I’m getting is the best value, best fit, safest, whateverest I can get. While I know that’s impossible, somehow it’s easier to accept defeat if I’m the one making the decisions. Maybe he can choose the color.

I know. Gross. Maybe it would be different if he actually liked shopping for things, but he doesn’t, so it works out. I think.

Also: we’ve decided (for now) not to find out the sex of the baby. As it became more and more important to me, my very kind husband convinced himself that it wasn’t that big a deal to wait. And if we decide further down the line that we want to know, we can. If we do the reveal early, there’s no going back.

Tomorrow, for work, I will be discussing pre-school with two amazing already-moms. That should be terrifying.


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