Light-headed, Cranky, and OVER IT

I think the worst part about having a breezy first trimester is that the second trimester kind of sucks. At least, it’s been a little sucky so far.

Not really. I can’t really complain, but I’ve been feeling achy and light-headed, and, if you couldn’t already tell CRANKY. So, yeah, okay, apparently, I can complain.


Adding to the cranky: I’ve been trying to fill out my registry. I now despise all baby products and best-of lists. Every cutesy little product name, every review from some random mom, every time I find a NEW category of stroller, car seat, baby robot device, I want to punch someone in the face. Unfortunately, my husband is the one who usually takes the fire, though the dog has gotten her share, too.

I just let out a huge sigh, so I’ll put it in here, too. SIGH. This is THE WORST. (Yep, I definitely can complain.)

I want a stroller my infant can use, but I want a convertible car seat, but I want an all-terrain stroller, but I want it to fit into my trunk and travel easily, but I want to not spend/ask my friends to spend bajillions of dollars, but… but…

As of now, I’m thinking:

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller (with face to face seat)

Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX car seat

ErgoBaby Carrier

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 crib

That’s as far as I’ve gotten, and I feel like I’ve been doing this for my entire life. If anyone has any opinions, please share them. And also: what else should I put on my registry? I’d like to have some stuff that normal people might want to actually buy for me.

One more also: We closed on our new house yesterday. Heading over there tonight, but we’re going to spread the move out, since we have our rental through the end of May.


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