Crazy Dream #3

My first Ziggy dream:

Ziggy was alive and a boy and talking way early. Creepy early, like E-trade commercial-early. I have a weird fear of the wrong voices coming out of people, but I thought this was adorable because it was my kid (that bodes well, I think).

Anyway, aside from some crawling around (also way early) and talking about the wall (babies, it turns out, do not have a lot to say), there wasn’t a lot to it. But as I lifted Ziggy out of his bouncer, he hugged me and said: “You have a zitty forehead.” I smiled and nodded, because it was true (true outside of the dream, as well, unfortunately).

Dreams are idiotic representations of real life, carnival shows put together by toddlers (or my brilliant newborn dream Zig), but I feel like I learned some things from this one:

  1. I will love my kid no matter what freaky thing he/she does
  2. I think I’m having a boy (I already knew that I thought this, it’s just my subconscious reinforcing for my conscious thought, neither of which has any relationship to what Ziggy will actually be)
  3. Vanity and motherhood do not mix, which is good, because I prefer the harsh truth anyway, especially if it’s coming out of an adorable face.

I woke up rather refreshed from this dream, so here’s an actual sincere thank you, Ziggy.

Also: I can now see more of my (for now) innie belly button than I ever have before, and it is surprisingly clean. I’m rather proud of myself for this.


One Comment on “Crazy Dream #3”

  1. bev says:

    Love it! Such an advanced grandchild.

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