Pregnancy Emails

When I was young and in my first trimester, I signed up for two weekly pregnancy emails. These are blasts that sites send out telling you what’s happening inside of you (baby is growing hair and nails, baby is peeing) and what you can expect to happen outside of you (heartburn, hemorrhoids, carpal tunnel).

I’m at 19 weeks today, and, according to my email from BabyCenter, Ziggy is the size of an heirloom tomato. Yes, someone, somewhere, decided to relate the growth of fetusii (yes, still going with that for the plural) to fruits and vegetables. Others have branched out. A few weeks ago, Pregnant Chicken (the other weekly email source) told me Zig was the size of an iPhone. Still, it’s another way to mark things. And I’m the type that sometimes likes to cling to green peppers and avocados for evidence that something is happening.

The BabyCenter email also comes with a photo. These have, thus far, been interesting and kind of cute. Today, I got this:



But the worst part of the BabyCenter emails are the 3D animated videos. These are short animations that show how the fetus grows over a span of about five weeks. They are THE CREEPIEST VIDEOS I’ve ever seen. My husband loves them. If you are brave, here’s the link to the 15-20 week vid.

Despite the creepy, I still look forward to the emails. When the weeks are moving like drivers in Florida, it’s nice to have something other than my brain to acknowledge that time is passing. It’s evidence that I’m not the only one with a burning heart, evidence that something is happening inside of me. And yes, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I think they should make these for everyone.

“Congratulations! You’ve been alive for 2000 weeks! This week, you will notice wrinkles forming on the outer edge of your eyes. You may also begin to experience discomfort when urinating. You are not alone.”

The world would be a much better place, I think.

Next week: first ultrasound, which will hopefully come out looking a little less creepy than the alien creature above.


4 Comments on “Pregnancy Emails”

  1. I’m on BabyCenter, too. And the ultrasound will be amazing!!!

  2. GrandNosey says:

    Love the video! Looks like the Star Child at the end of 2001, A Space Odyssey. Also resembles me, except for the nose.

  3. […] 23 weeks this week, which, according to those emails, means that Ziggy can feel me dance. This is the best thing […]

  4. […] 23 weeks this week, which, according to those emails, means that Ziggy can feel me dance. This is the best thing […]

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