I Will Not Yell at My Stomach

Most women, when they find out their kid can hear them at around 18-19 weeks, start to talk or sing to their fetusii. It’s a sweet thing that in any other situation would be cause for concern, but we preggies get away with a lot of insanity, why not add talking to yourself to the list?

Of course, I’m not like most women. While I may have spent a few boring minutes humming a tuneless tune a week ago, most of my interactions with my stomach are along the lines of “HELLO?! Is anyone in there?”

Yes, I have yelled “KICK” at my stomach on multiple occasions.kick-me

Tomorrow marks 20 weeks and I know, I know, I might not feel anything until 22 weeks. But my patience is wearing thin. Yes, there have been some flutters, but those could have also been gas or digestion or general stomach weirdness. I want to be sure. I want a good, solid kick.

If all goes well, I will get sick of the kicking a few weeks/months down the road. I cannot WAIT to be sick of the kicking.

Something I read at some point said that skinny women feel the kicks earlier, so now I feel like a cow. Thanks, mommy blogs.

But along with feeling fat, I’m also feeling empty. The old doubts are returning, and I’m craving solid proof again. The heartbeats at my check-ups hold me over for a week or so, but they’re not doing it as much for me anymore. I wonder if the ULTRASOUND will do it (will find out Friday). I’m most likely going to have doubts until the head is out and I can hear the screams.

And then, I’ll have more doubts. Yay, parenthood!

In other news: My mother-in-law came to town and now my bank account is missing. When we get my mom and his mom together, the husband and I end up making huge purchases. This is not because we are good children – everything we buy is pretty much always for ourselves. This visit netted us a new car, a new family room set, and a new dining room set. Apparently, the best thing to do when you’re spending money you don’t have is to spend MORE money you don’t have. The moms were also kind enough to help us paint and pack for the new house (did I mention we BOUGHT A HOUSE?!). So, yes, this was probably the most exciting trip my MIL has ever taken.

In 2013, we will do ALL of the things.


2 Comments on “I Will Not Yell at My Stomach”

  1. Girl, don’t worry about how ‘skinny’ you are to feel kicks. That’s the most absurd thing I’ve every read! I think, since you are a first time mommy-to-be, your cervix is extra-hard and you won’t feel the movements for a bit still. Your partner really won’t feel them for weeks to come! For a few magical weeks it will be just you and ziggy communicating — soak up those moments,dearie. I’m at week 30 today and I can tell you that you don’t necessarily get ‘tired’ of the movement (I hesitate to refer to it as kicking, even though it is pretty gnarly sometimes), it will be almost anxiety-inducing it can get so crazy (at least for me it has been). All in good time!

  2. aelend says:

    Sounds good. We’ll go with the cervix theory 🙂

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