Anacondas and Lower Back Attacks (Crazy Dreams 4 and 5)

There is an anaconda slithering through my dreams. All of them. Every night. And I don’t really know what an anaconda looks like.

A few nights ago, Hus and I were hosting a party shortly after Ziggy had been born. I did not care about Ziggy AT ALL. We had this huge house in LA that had previously been owned by Mariah Carey and Jack Black. The anaconda appeared frequently throughout the house.

My subconscious also gave me a nice, solid actor’s nightmare, which is supremely unfair because I’m no longer an actor (if I ever was one). These nightmares should stop when you hang up your character shoes. The anaconda was onstage with naked me, laughing when I forgot all my lines and choreography.

So, that’s that.

Also, we moved. Yes, we are slowly checking off all of the things on our do-all-of-the-things list. We bought the house, and now we’re here. We decided to move on Saturday, when Nashville looked like this:


It was supposed to be like that Sunday, too, which is why we didn’t reschedule. Sunday looked like this:

images (1)


It really wasn’t that bad, though. Of course, I’m carrying around about 10 extra pounds and I’m front-heavy, so, at the end of the day, I became very acquainted with my lower back. Yes, we’ve met before, but I’ve never been that familiar with the inner-workings. Sunday morning, it was screaming so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. Unpacking boxes was not the best remedy, so I’m pretty happy to be back at my desk, sitting on my ass, ignoring the rest of the boxes. Of course, now I’m feeling guilty because I haven’t been for a run in three days.

That’s enough whining. We’re in our NEW HOUSE! OUR new house!

I wore leggings to Target yesterday because my pants wouldn’t fit. This belly is moving past beer and getting into something to talk about territory.

Oh – ultrasound was wonderful, amazing, rabbits, rainbows, bunnies. The technician said Ziggy was very photogenic. He definitely put on quite a show. No, we didn’t find out the sex, but he looks like a he, right?



(Yes, I know, I buried the lede here.)

Also: I’m starting to feel the kicks. Guess all it takes is a blog post for Zig to get into gear. Wish I could say the same for my ass.



2 Comments on “Anacondas and Lower Back Attacks (Crazy Dreams 4 and 5)”

  1. Lisa Beebe says:

    I looked at the sonogram and said “Aww, what a cute little spine!”

  2. Martyne says:

    I can totally relate to the dreams! I had one the other night that involved alien dinosaurs with cloaking technology. Yep- running from invisible alien dinosaurs- seemed totally realistic at the time! Hormones…

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