Dog Attachment Disorder (Crazy Dream #6)

Last night’s dream was like a book/movie dream, where the meaning is overt and annoyingly literal.

I took my dog to the mall with no leash. I was holding her by her hair, which conveniently became very collar-like. Where was I going? To a baby gear store.

The store turned out to be stupid small and had nothing I wanted, but I was there, so I went in anyway.

At this point, I got tired of bending down to hold on to the dog, so I picked her up. That’s when I saw someone from my writer’s group (also a crazy dog lady), who said, “Aw, that’s your baby!”

I said: Yes, yes it is. This is Steinway.


Maybe this means that I really want to go swimming or something, but I think this is probably an Occam’s Razor situation. My subconscious is being completely on-the-nose about my fears that the dog I love more than I will EVER admit, the dog that I actually told a few weeks ago “you’re going to be a really great big sister” (to my credit, I pretty much threw up AS I was saying it… okay, no… I shouldn’t get any credit), my fears that this dog will get left behind, forgotten, or worse (she has jealousy issues).

Won’t be able to blame Ziggy for that one. I’m afraid it’s all on me and hus. I’m thinking there are enough hugs to go around, though, so SHUT UP, subconscious!


2 Comments on “Dog Attachment Disorder (Crazy Dream #6)”

  1. GrandNosey says:

    Lover grows. It expands and it deepens. Take it from one who knows.

  2. Martyne says:

    Hey, I’m having the same issue with our cat Sam- he’s been my baby for so long and I let him get away with SO much. I’ve told him he’s going to be a big brother (and I’ll admit I was a little disgusted with myself when I said it). I’m just afraid that he’ll be too rough for the baby, or get jealous, or that freak out about all the new smells and the noise and the fact that he’s no longer the center of attention, do something threatening to the baby, and that we’ll have to find him a new home!

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