Hungry, Hungry Hippo: A Preggo Update

In the past few days, I’ve been eating more. I won’t say more than I ever thought possible, because I have always been capable of thinking big about food. Unfortunately, the food I’ve been stuffing my mouth with is of the fried, powdered, sugar variety. Ziggy has developed a taste for the not-so-healthy.

I’m also starting to see how this is not going to be so comfortable for much longer. Sleeping has become interesting. So has walking.


On the eve of my 30th week mark, I still can’t complain. Much. But I’m starting to come up against certain limitations. Opening doors is by far the weirdest and most aggravating. I guess I usually open doors just enough to fit myself through. There is now more of that self, but I still leave the same amount of space. This means that I frequently hit Ziggy on my way into and out of rooms. I no longer have any concept of how large I am. Most times, I feel huge. But when it comes to doors, apparently I’m tiny.

I can also no longer wear pants, or really anything without elastic on it. I’m living in skirts and pajama pants. All the maternity pants I’ve tried on either make my butt look saggy, my crotch look baggy, or both. Leggings tend to come in black, which show everyone what a crazy animal lady I am, plus the long shirts that work with leggings make me feel like a house.

Ziggy is doing the alien thing quite frequently these days. No one else has seen this yet, and I find myself perversely wanting someone to see it and shout out “gross”! This would mean that said person would have to be staring at my stomach, which would be weird. But every time I try to point it out to an unwilling observer, Ziggy stops moving. I don’t want to be alone with this thing! IT’S CREEPY!!!

I just ate three cookies fresh out of the oven. I will be eating more. Salads are a distant memory. Maybe when I go back home, maybe when my life is back to normal (I’m opening the original musical I wrote with my husband this weekend), maybe, maybe, maybe. By then I will be eight months pregs and Ziggy will have free reign. I have a feeling this sweet tooth isn’t going anywhere anytime fast.

Ok, so I CAN complain.

UPDATE: I just ate three more cookies.


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