Hypnobabies on Ice

32 weeks today. Keeping it going with some Ani D.

This song makes me sad that I didn’t discover Ani until I was in high school. She made me feel okay about me. My kid WILL LISTEN to Ani DiFranco. Girl or boy. So it is written.

I’m back home now (!!!!), and will remain here for the duration. Went for a run this morning and noticed that the looks I’m getting have changed from “Aw, good for her” to “Holy sh&t that girl is going to explode” stares and “you are killing your baby” glares. Or…


So far, my checklist for 2013 is going well. We bought a house, premiered the musical we wrote, I’ve got a draft of my book that is close to final, the husband is currently on the way back here with his mom in tow for her big move to Nashville, Crash Test Mom is in full swing and I even made it up to New York to film some newbie mom videos for it… all that’s left is… what was it? Oh, right. BABY.

To that end, I’ve decided to go with Hypnobabies for my childbirth method. This is a mind-over-matter, affirmation-heavy, special place hypnosis method that my cynical side is screaming at me for trying. But it seems to work for some people. I started the home study course today, and it’s about what I expected, equal parts hooey and helpful things to think about.

I’m trying to appease my logical/rational side by thinking of it as a pretty analytical way to reorganize my brain so that birth is not so big a deal. It’s not about giving up control and going to some other universe, it’s actually about maintaining complete control while squeezing a really, really big square peg out of a tiny little hole. If this is the way to do that, I’m for it. If I can stay alert, conscious, and mobile throughout the birthing process without going postal from the pain, I can deal with a little crunchy granola. And this isn’t crystals or magnets or prayer. This is using my brain to help me make this birth as easy and painless as possible. I can at least give it a shot.

There are some things I find ridiculous (the affirmations, for one – am I really trying to convince myself that birth is going to be ‘comfortable’?!), but I’m trying not to dwell. The husband is being cool about it, too, though he’s as rational as I am. We’re working through the hooey together, which is nice. Sorry – hypnobabies tells me I’m supposed to refer to him as my ‘birth partner’. Gross.


NO! NO JUDGEMENTS. Hypnobabies WILL work! Positive thinking and birth is beautiful and love and life is precious and god and the bible.


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