34 weeks today, and I’m not exactly feeling…

More like…

I blame the last few days. Saturday, I ran in the morning, then my husband and I putDiptic together the crib and dresser. Between the run and the furniture, I for some reason decided I HAD to go to two garage sales in the neighborhood. This ended with me buying a dirty Peg Perego Centro stroller for $30 that I don’t want. Anyone want to take it off my hands? Anyone have a nice stroller they don’t need any more? STROLLERS. They will be the death of me.

Sunday, I spent the day ripping tags and packages from clothes and toys, which I washed on Monday.

Monday was a rough one. I ran/walked my three miles and then did wash all day. My back was extremely angry at me. I got out there this morning for a run(ish), but I’m afraid my days are numbered.

I’m trying to tell myself that’s okay.

I could have as little as a month left to cook this thing (less, if it’s a preemie), and I really want to do what’s best. Of course, most things I read say almost anything can be cured with exercise. I’m sure that’s why my pregnancy has been breezy up until now. I have my prenatal yoga and pilates DVDs, but I don’t  feel like that’s actual exercise. Cardio is where it’s at.


Okay, clearly this is a whining post. I just need to change how I feel about it. I can keep doing my DVDs, maybe run once a week, and try swimming, maybe. Though that seems boring. SUCK IT UP, 34 weeks!

(On that note, any suggestions/ideas you have for me on how not to feel like a fatberg would be much appreciated)


2 Comments on “Slow-Mo”

  1. bev says:

    Come swim here! Walking works too! One more month…!

  2. Ashley says:

    Well, my input will not make you very happy, however I believe this just happens. You are very lucky you have been feeling so good up to 34 weeks! And able to run and be so active it is great. However, now is the time to give in to the fact that one of your biggest challenges will be figuring out how to tie your shoe or even put your socks on!

    One of the things I hated most about being pregnant is that I couldn’t do what I wanted when I wanted to do them. Especially something as easy as getting off the couch, that consisted of a little shimmy, with a scoot and a big hope for the best before I would be up onto 2 feet again.

    So, advice: Enjoy the moment of piece and live up the time resting. Stick to walking, swimming will make you feel great and will keep you nice and cool. Enjoy every moment you have to sit still and enjoy the silence because in 1 month it will be a very different environment.

    In regards to strollers. I highly recommend the city mini by baby jogger. we wish we had gotten that one, which we almost did until we found we needed a double because little Emily was going to be joining the family. However, my girlfriends did get this stroller and have loved it!

    I will also, let you know that watching Steve assemble the Crib when we were expecting Carter was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He was so excited to set it up, but we were borrowing my sister-in-laws so we were not sure if we had all the pieces (by pieces I am including the instructions) but not to worry, it was Steve and by golly he was going to figure it out! So he got it all together after about and hour or so, small beads of sweet and minimal grunting (guess we have to keep it manly no matter what we are assembling). So the crib was assembled! YEA! Then I asked the question, so how do you drop the side down? I don’t think it looks right. And of course (because I have the gift of always being right from my mother) the crib was assembled incorrectly, not only incorrectly but backwards! Soooo, he had to take it apart turn a few of the pieces around. More sweet, a little more grunting and about 30 minutes later the crib was assembled! Success! So I followed up with a great job honey, but you know I don’t think it will fit in the door way of the room. His response, “Ashley, of course it will fit.” Well, can we guess who was right? Yep, it was me. He rolled the crib up to the doorway and…..(Sigh) didn’t fit. To my surprise there was no swearing. So for one last time he took the crib apart and then assembled it (correctly) inside the room.

    I am pretty sure this is why he wanted our children to be close together in age, he didn’t want to have to take apart the crib to only put it together.

    Gotta love all the moments!

    So grab a good book, a pillow and get on the sofa and let Jason rub those little feet and back and enjoy the time your time together before little Ziggy decides to make an appearance.

    By the way, have you considered the possibility that you are nesting? Just a thought.

    Love you!

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