Nesting is a Thing

Now that I’m in the get-this-kid-outta-me stage of pregnancy, I’ve noticed that a few things have changed:

1. When people ask me how I’m feeling, I no longer automatically respond “Great!”

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but MY BACK HURTS.

2. I’m really ready for this thing to happen.

I thought I’d be more nervous than I am, but honestly the only thing on my mind is something that you will all laugh at. I will most likely laugh at it, too, in a few weeks. Basically, I’m wondering if I’ll actually know when I’m going into labor. I have no idea what a contraction feels like. But even if I somehow get through the early stages unaware, at some point, I’ll know. As my Hypnobabies workbook wisely states: “If you see an arm or a leg coming out of you, call 911 immediately.”

3. I’ve become used to having an alien inside of meAlien-Stomach-Ache1

So used to it that I no longer react like a normal person when I feel a fly on me. I think I could probably let a spider walk down my entire arm before I realized there was something wrong. I’ve relinquished control over my body.

4. I can no longer shriek when I do feel said bugs.

It’s summer, and my house is old, so there are a lot of creatures crawling around in the house. I’m ok with spiders (though they don’t seem to be doing a damn thing about the flies in my house), but wasps, moths, and (shudder) palmetto bugs are cause for a shriek or two. In the past few days, my husband has responded with a frantic “WHAT?! WHAT?!” when these yelps slip out of me. He thinks it’s time. That’s when I have to explain to him that it’s bug time, not baby time, and would he please get rid of the carcass on the floor? It’s so hard to bend over.

5. My fingers hurt

Is this what carpal tunnel is? I’ve seen that on the list of lovely pregnancy side effects, but it’s not like a debilitating pain or anything, they just feel like I’ve been clutching something tightly for a long time. It’s more weird than painful.

6. The prospect of tripping is terrifying

may have almost tripped on my run on Monday and it may have freaked me out a bit. I used the indoor track this morning and will probably stay there for the duration, even though I have to run the hamster wheel 12.5 times just to complete one mile. Still, there aren’t as many manhole covers and sidewalk cracks to deal with.

7. I keep dropping things

Maybe this is a part of the not-really-carpal-tunnel or maybe it’s just because I’m clumsy, but I’m blaming Ziggy for the grapes and cookies I keep dropping.

8. Nesting is a thing

I scoffed when my friends asked if I was vacuuming couches yet, but this nesting thing is real. No, I haven’t resorted to cleaning, unless you count obsessive laundry, but I have gone on a decorating rampage. We went years with nothing on the walls, but for some reason I really want to put pictures up. And, of course, there are other side effects. When I was unpacking the box that went untouched at our last place, pulling old photos out, I cried. Thanks, Ziggy.

Of course, we own a home for the first time, so it could be that, but I spent 2 hours on Sunday putting CONTACT PAPER on three drawers for Ziggy. That has to be wrong. I would never do something like that.

By the end of the process, my back hurt so badly and I was so done with wood and paper and sticky things that the third drawer looks like a collage.


The nesting thing has also been creeping into my spending habits. I used to shop Amazon for books and DVDs.  Now, I buy coat racks and baby stuff. At the top of my wishlist right now – an over-the-counter towel rack and a spoon rest. See also: silverware and a lawn mower. And at the end of the list? The first things I added when I was young and interested in things:

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 3.27.22 PM



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