The Name Game

Happy NOT Labor Day! I refuse to celebrate because 1) I’m working and 2) I’m not in labor.

I know, I know. This day has nothing to do with the oversized bowling ball inside of me, but it’s basically the only thing on my mind these days, so there you go.

As I walked my dog this morning, two women stopped their truck to ask: “boy or girl?” I hesitated for a moment, thinking they were asking about my dog. Then I remembered two things: no one pulls their truck over to ask the gender of a dog and I am very, very pregnant.

So, she was asking about Ziggy. My response to this has developed into: We don’t know, what do you think?

This woman thought it was going to be a girl.

Well, that would make my husband happy, I said.

It would make me happy, too. Hus thinks I don’t want a girl, but I really can see the pros and cons of both. I know that’s what you’re supposed to say, but it’s actually how I feel. Next time, I will definitely be hoping for the opposite of whatever I’m having this time, but right now, I’m game for either.

My dining room

My dining room

We now have a car seat installed, a glider in the bedroom, and everything else you can imagine, with more coming. We’re going to have too much stuff, I know, but I’m going for it. That’s what credit is for, right? I can always Craigslist some of it later.

We have also narrowed down our name choices, with very little sweat and only a few tears. The middle name is going to be my last name, so that’s easy, but it’s SO HARD to come up with a first name that someone else is going to be stuck with for the rest of their lives. Almost as hard as the circumcision decision (still on the fence, but we think we’re going with no). So, here’s what we came up with.


  • Winnifred (top choice right now – we would call her Fred)
  • Charlotte (big name in my family – we would call her Charlie or Chuck, but we’re hesitant about this name because it’s so popular)
  • Penelope (Penny)
  • Olivia or Olive


  • Mixon (top choice – big last name in husband’s family, as well as his middle name)
  • Oliver
  • Morris (big last name in my family)
  • Max

That’s whittled down from a monster list. I was saddest to see Billie go (for a girl), but we decided we don’t want to give a nickname as a full name. If the kid hates his/her name, they should at least have some options to make it a better fit. The obvious full name for Billie would be Wilhelmina, but we didn’t want to do that to the kid.

Also sad to see the name that I’ve had in my pocket forever go: Anomaly (again, for a girl). Yes, I know. We could call her Al or Aly and her full name would still be awesome. I stand by it.

My bro wants us to name a girl Tennessee, which neither hus or I would be opposed to if we didn’t actually live in Tennessee. It’s too much. Plus, the nicknames suck.


Apparently, this is important to both of us. As two people who don’t have great nicknames for our first names, we want better for our child. You’re welcome, Ziggy.

Many people have asked if we’re going to name the kid Ziggy. The answer is no – that’s the name for the thing inside of me that was once a zygote (again with the nickname thing – Ziggy is short for zygote). Once it’s out, it’s an entirely new situation.

That being said, I guess I should take a beat and appreciate Ziggy while s/he is still in there. It’s never going to happen again. Sure, I’ll have Fettie or Emby (those nicknames are works in progress) if all goes well for a second pregnancy down the road, but these are my last few weeks (or days?? please???) with the Zigmeister. S/he is heavy and movey and bladder-obsessed (mine), but it’s a unique experience.

So, as I waddle down the street, struggle to bend over, and attempt to sleep through the hiccups, I’ll try to remember to enjoy this time for a little longer. I’m sure in a few weeks (DAYS), there will be times when I’ll be wishing I could trade the crying and the pooping for a bit of discomfort and dirty looks at the gym. But really, I’m ready. Hus is ready. Whenever you’re ready, Zig, we’ll be here.



8 Comments on “The Name Game”

  1. STU & Val Sanford says:

    Interesting to see your great name choices. Our daughter, Carly, has finally selected Eva Grace. They’ll pronounce it Ava, but since her boyfriend is from the Dominican Republic, they spell it with an “E”. They already know she’s a girl, so that narrows it down. Grace is Stu’s Mom’s name. Can’t wait to see the beauty that will be our Korenican (Korean/Dominican) granddaughter. Not til December, though. Thinking of you all and you all are well.

  2. adamelend says:

    Mo (Morris) and Penelope both new to me and real standouts!

    (Note: this part for Ziggy, when he or she is reading this after bursting into tears and blaming you for ruining his/her life with this decision) Of course you can’t go wrong with any of these phenomenal names. I’d be proud to have any of them!

  3. David says:

    Nice list! We’re going through the same thing now for our second boy. Mixon is a great name but sentences the kid to a lifetime of “No, not Nixon. Mixon. Like Nixon but with an M. As in Richard *M* Nixon.”

    If you’re worried about a name that’s too popular, you should double-check the popularity ranking of Oliver and Max. They’re both great but were very popular this year.

    • aelend says:

      Ha! Yep – we’ve definitely had the Mixon/Nixon conversation, but I usually get an eyeroll from the other half. He really wishes he had been named Mixon. That’s what you do with your kids, right? Force them to live out your dead dreams?

  4. Zarah says:

    Well, I love Charlotte of course. And Olivia is great in full, partial and variation. As for a boy – Mixon!! Winnifred makes me think The Wonder Years (eh) Whedon (awesome) and horsey noises. And a little bear who loves honey. Fred, well, to be partial (because I like Olivia & Charlotte), just no music in Fred. But I’m the least musical relative Ziggy will have, what do I know? Welcome Ziggy – whatever your ‘real’ name is!

  5. Lisa Beebe says:

    I love ALL of your name options!

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