Crazy Dream #9

Possibly my last crazy dream that I can blame on Ziggy, and I STILL didn’t get my floppy aliens and black holes. My subconscious has no imagination.

I went to the hospital, because someone (maybe that was my alien) told me I had to, but I wasn’t having contractions and everything was fine. I asked the hospital people if I could leave, and they brought me outside to what ended up being a big beach. They had me stand on my tiptoes, then do a downward dog. That’s what they do to make sure everything’s okay, right???


I did it well, with just the normal bending over breathing issues I have these days, but they asked me to walk across the beach and do it again. While I walked, they got someone more important who REALLY knew how to evaluate a downward dog.

I did the routine again for the downward dog expert and got my release.

At some point a few hours or minutes later, Ziggy was alive and talking and asking questions about grout. Yes, I had to explain grout to the kid and did a damn good job. Seemed like I had the parenting thing DOWN.

So, you know, yay, me.


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