Pumped up

Well, here’s something I didn’t know. Pumping sucks.


It sucked a lot harder in the old days, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. In fact, I’m pumping as I write this, which wouldn’t have been possible before electric pumps and pumping bras, but it’s still a pain in the ass.

Of course, I’m doing it so I can sleep through a feeding each night, so again: WHY AM I COMPLAINING?

Things are going pretty well over here. Six weeks in and we’re all still alive. I had my postpartum appointment and things looked good, though they had to cauterize a few overzealous pieces of skin. The midwife just pulled out what looked like one of those long match sticks with a little liquid nitrate on the end and went to town on my lady parts. Ow.

I have a follow up soon, and then I hope to be DONE with all of this nonsense.

*WARNING: BORING RUNNING UPDATE* In that spirit, I went jogging today. Back to it after seven weeks. I haven’t gone that long since I started running. It was very slow going, but the weather was beautiful and I felt pretty damn good (afterwards). *END RUNNING UPDATE*


  1. He has started smiling and he WANTS to reach out for stuff, I know he does.
  2. He’s still pooping like a champ – he just let out a doozy, in fact
  3. He has an amazing penis that can get an entire outfit wet without hitting the diaper once. We went through four outfits yesterday.
  4. We have three amazing Grands who shower this kid with love and attention. I don’t think we would be standing without them. They come over most days to be with the boy while we both work from home. You should be very jealous of this set up. It’s THE BEST.
  5. We’re starting to wade into the confusing debate about when to start scheduling sleep and feeding. We’re currently doing a shift schedule with husband taking him from 10-4 (he usually sleeps for some of that) and me taking him from 4-10 (also sleeps for some of that). It means we both get a nice chunk of sleep with no worries about the Mix, but the husband gets the crazy fussy evenings and I get the adorable mornings, so something needs to change before he eats this baby for dinner.

I think we’re looking at starting early bedtimes with a routine when he’s around two months. We’ll also have to try to figure out when his nap times are so we can do the same routine then. Right now, that seems nuts.


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